If you need Grave Dust in V Rising, you will need to either make it or farm it from Necromancer enemies. Necromancers will drop small amounts of Grave Dust upon being killed. If you want to farm Necromancers in V rising, we recommend searching for them in Graveyard locations such as the Forgotten Cementary or the Infected Graveyard. Both locations will have an ample supply of Necromancers for you to farm. If you want to find either location to farm Grave Dust, go to the spots marked in the images below.

Before heading to either location, make sure you are at least Gear level 25+ or above. In short, these locations tend to have enemies that range from 16 to level 25 and above. So you will want to be strong enough to fight the enemies you will find in these Graveyards. Luckily raising your Gear Level in V rising is easy as all you need to do is make better armor, weapons, and accessories. 

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How to make Grave Dust in V Rising

To make Grave Dust in V Rising, you will need to make a Grinder with the following resources:

  • 8 Planks
  • 4 Copper Ingots
  • 4 Whetstones

Once you have the resources above, build the Grinder and throw 100 Bones to make Grave Dust. 

How to use Grave Dust in V Rising

You can use Grave Dust in V Rising to make various magical items to increase your Gear Level. These Magical items can also give you bonuses such as a boost to spell power, max health, and movement speed. You will also need Grave Dust, Twilight Snappers, and Fish Bones to summon the Putrid Rat Boss in V rising. That said, the following items require Grave Dust to craft:

  • The Ember Chain
  • The Frozen Eye
  • Duskwatcher’s Ring
  • Mist Signet

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