Each Adventurer’s Tome has an array of collectibles to find to 100 percent each region. At the top of the Adventurer’s Tome, there are seven drops for East Luterra. One of these is the Legend of Luoden River.

How to get Gold Coin of the Dead in East Luterra?

Gold Coin of the Dead can only be obtained on the continent of East Luterra. But it does not drop from one specific enemy type that you can farm repeatedly. Rather, you can get it from killing any enemy from any area in this continent.

Since Gold Coin of the Dead is the third collectible you need, it’s in the middle ground for drop rate. We recommend killing everything in every area you come across. This involves a lot of walking and getting on/off your mount, but killing enemies is the main way to acquire these.

Alternatively, you can farm each dungeon in East Luterra multiple times and hope for drops from the boss.

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You should be able to acquire all ten Legend of Luoden River, with some dedicated time spent farming. Still, you only need ten to complete this collectible entry in the East Luterra Adventurer’s Tome.

The following other collectibles you need to complete the East Luterra’s Adventurer’s Tome are:

  • Eagle Ring
  • Nahun’s Key
  • Legend of Luoden River
  • Dagger of the High Priest
  • Collected Stories of the Luterran Knights
  • Black Fox Flag

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