Glacial Starwort can be a useful material to have in Destiny 2, especially for buying items you want from vendors. Thankfully, it is plentiful and fairly easy to come across in several different ways.

Where to get Glacial Starwort

Glacial Starwort is not found just anywhere in the game, unfortunately. You can only find Glacial Starwort in part of Europa, meaning you’ll need to go to this location and search around. Europa is one of the moons orbiting around Jupiter. To access Europa, you’ll need to have the Beyond Light expansion.

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How to get Glacial Starwort

Once you are in Europa, there are several places and ways you can find Glacial Starwort. To know what you’re looking for, know that Glacial Stalwort comes in a tall glass canister with black and red stripes on top and bottom. Inside is a plant with green leaves.

You can find Glacial Starwort in random spawns in the open or chests across Europa. If you do not want to go searching, consider completing public events, and other quests in Europa for a chance at Glacial Starwort drops.

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