The visual aesthetic of having Gargoyles and Statues around the castle make Clay farming a must in V Rising. It can be found off corpses of enemies or in chests in Bandit encampments, however, there is an area within the Farbane Woods that has a high probability of carrying Clay. This is where to farm Clay in V Rising.

Clay Farm Location

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In the Farbane Woods, players can get Clay just from defeating various Bandits or looting chests. It is mostly a scarce resource but one location in the Farbane Woods has a much higher chance of looting it from the people, chests, and barrels inside. This is the Bandit Sulphur Quarry, found on the Western end of the Woods. It isn’t guaranteed to always contain Clay, but it is much more likely to be found. A more direct way of farming it can be done once players have their Castle Throne.

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The Castle Throne can be built once players have access to Iron Ore and the recipe to make Iron Bricks. It requires 24 Stone Bricks, 16 Iron Ingots, and four Greater Blood Essences to make. Once placed, a player can command their servant to collect resources in various parts of the map. By directing a servant to the Bandit Sulphur Camp, they will come back will whatever resources they could get their hands on, including Clay.

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