You can farm bones from various enemies, including SkeletonsWolves, Bears, and Zombies. All four enemy types will drop bones. But, if you want to get the most bones possible, you will need to farm certain locations in V Rising that contain one of these enemy types. 

One such location that you can use to farm bones is the cemetery that you spawn in after creating your character. Inside the cemetery, players can fight both Skeletons and Zombies, both of which drop bones. Spend a few moments here farming so you can have a steady supply of bones for use later in the game. However, if you require bones after the fact, you will need to find another location. Luckily, there are other Cemeteries and Graveyards where players can find many bears and wolves.

Where to find Graveyards in V Rising

You can find cemeteries to farm bones by looking on the map. Open the map by pressing the M key, then look for large yellow circles, as shown below. Holding your cursor over these yellow circles will reveal the location’s name. Some of these locations will include Bandit Camps, and others will be called Cemeteries or Graveyards. Inside Cemeteries and Graveyards, you can farm unded for bones, just like the starting area.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Other locations to farm Bones in V Rising

Cemeteries are not the only locations players can farm Bones in V Rising. You can also get bones from both Bears and Wolves in the game, and both have special locations where they appear. Bears can be found wandering around in the woods and in locations called Bear Territories. Wolves can also be found wandering around in the woods or at their special locations. These locations are called Wolves Dens, as shown in the image below.

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