Lost Ark is Smilegate RPG’s MMO, and it features a ton of content. There are different collectibles in the game the player can find as they play. If you open your Adventure Tome, you will see specific items at the top. One of these is the Bloody Rod. You might be wondering where to find this in Lost Ark.

This seems to be a random drop from enemies in the continent Rethrasmis, or so we think. In general, the drop rate for these items is low, but the items further on the right seem to be even rarer and harder to find. We believe this is true because of the purple text and the fact that there is only one. We will update this with more information when possible.

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If this theory is correct, it would mean that you can find the Bloody Rod while playing the game. You may have to do some farming on enemies, but you can do this anywhere in Rethrasmis and not from a single enemy type.

With time and luck, you should be able to get the Bloody Rod. Luckily you only need to find one to complete the challenge. The sooner you start farming, the faster you will find it, so get out there and start hunting.

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