Materials are required in V Rising to create new gear and to upgrade your castle. Blood Rose is an important resource in the game as it is required to create rings and other items. Here is the best place to farm Blood Rose.

Blood Rose locations in V Rising

Gleaming Meadows

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Blood Rose also spawns throughout Farbane woods. However, the best location at the beginning of the game to farm iron is the Gleaming Meadows. To gather Blood Rose, you can use any weapon, however, a sword is best. This location is a mine to the north-east of Farbane Woods that holds a number of Blood Roses that respawn regularly.

Be cautious in this area as there is a relatively tough V Blood Boss that spawns here as well. It’s recommended to have at least copper equipment before getting too close.

How to grow Blood Rose

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Out in the world, when looting flowers like Blood Rose, you will occasionally get a seed. This seed can be taken back to your castle and planted outside. The plant will then periodically spawn Blood Rose that can be harvested endlessly.

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