Sgt. Winter has plenty of tasks for us to complete during the Winterfest ’21 event, and one of these tasks is to dance in front of his workshop and Crackshot’s Cabin for three seconds each. With this being a completely new map, however, players are confused about where to find them.

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The easiest way to complete this quest is to land at Sgt. Winter’s Workshop first, do a dance, then take a vehicle from the gas station to Crackshot’s Cabin to do the other dance. Any dance works (even emotes) as long as you do it for at least three seconds.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

In the image above, you can see where you’ll find each location. Sgt. Winter’s Workshop is on the west side of the gas station Spillex, so many players confuse it for an auto body shop. Crackshot’s Cabin is directly south of Logjam Lumberyard, across the lake. Because of their proximity to each other, it’s entirely possible to complete both parts of them in one match.

Once you dance at both locations marked for at least three seconds, the quest is complete! You’re ready to move on to one of Sgt. Winter’s other quests.

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