Shanta, one of Fortnite’s new Battle Pass characters, has plenty of quests for us to complete as we kick off Chapter 3 of Fortnite. She has 10 tasks, all of which require us to collect gem fragments that are spread out across the map.

Most of these tasks are fairly straightforward, but they require players to visit specific locations. The gems we’re locating in this guide are the gem fragments in rivers that you must collect while in a vehicle (ideally, a boat). Completing this quest is more complicated than the other gem collection tasks because you must be in a vehicle to collect them. You won’t see the gem fragments unless you’re in one.

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If you want to try to collect all nine gem fragments you need in one match, we recommend following the path highlighted above. These are the easiest gems to access when you consider time and distance between them. We suggested this path mostly because of the access to boats nearby, and to reduce the time that you’ll be walking on land.

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  • Recommended Path
    • We suggest starting at Logjam Lumberyard. There is a boat at the dock on the north side of the lake here. Use this boat and use the overdrive since you’ll be getting a new boat soon. Get the gem to the west of the lake first, then the gem to the east of the lake. Follow the river to Loot Lake and go to Floaties Boats. Grab the gas can in the shack, then take the new boat at the dock. Avoid using the overdrive on this boat so you can save gas and take it to all the other gems.
    • #1 – Logjam Lumberyard: On the river leading west out of the lake.
    • #2 – Logjam Lumberyard: On the river leading east out of the lake.
    • #3 – Coney Crossroads: Where the river splits just north of Coney Crossroads.
    • #4 – Sleepy Sound: Near the end of the river that went north from the split at Coney Crossroads.
    • #5 – Sanctuary: Near the end of the river that went east from the split at Coney Crossroads.
    • #6 – Camp Cuddle Lake: At the intersection of the river that comes out of the lake at Camp Cuddle.
    • #7 – Greasy Grove: Where the river splits near the middle of the area between Greasy Grove and Rocky Reels.
    • #8 – Chonker’s Speedway: Where the river splits north of Chonker’s Speedway.
    • #9 – Condo Canyon: Near the end of the river that pours into the ocean south of Condo Canyon.
  • Other Locations
    • #10 – Power Tower: East of Power Tower in the southwest corner of the map, near where the river pours into the ocean.
    • #11 – Seven Outpost V: On the west side of Pinnacle Peak, near the bridge north of Camp Cuddle. This is not included in the recommended path because it is blocked off by the cave in under the mountain, which would mean you have to walk around it on foot.

When you have collected at least nine of the gem fragments listed above, you have completed the quest! You’re ready to move on to one of Shanta’s other gem collection tasks.

Want more help with finding the gems? Be sure to check out our guides on where to collect gems at Landmarks, and where to collect gems at docks!

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