Shanta, one of Fortnite’s new Battle Pass characters, has plenty of quests for us to complete as we kick off Chapter 3 of Fortnite. She has 10 tasks, all of which require us to collect gem fragments that are spread out across the map.

Most of these tasks are fairly straightforward, but they require players to visit specific locations. The gems we’re locating in this guide are the gem fragments on crossroads. This quest is a bit more specific than the rest, as you must collect these while in a vehicle. If you are not in a vehicle, you won’t even see the gem fragments.

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If you want to try to collect all nine gem fragments you need in one match, we recommend following the path highlighted above. These are the easiest gems to access when you consider time and distance between them. Since you’ll need to collect them in a car, it shouldn’t be too cumbersome.

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  • Recommended Path
    • We suggest starting at Chonker’s Speedway. There are four Whiplashes with custom tires that spawn here every match. Grab one and move to gem fragment #1.
    • #1: Just south of Chonker’s Speedway that leads out to the main road.
    • #2: Just north of Butter Barn, the Landmark directly east of Greasy Grove.
    • #3: Directly north of Greasy Grove.
    • #4: Barely east of Pinnacle Peak, and directly south of Llama Homestead.
    • #5: Directly north of Logjam Lumberyard, and east of Seven Outpost II.
    • #6: Directly north of Coney Crossroads.
    • #7: Directly west of Sanctuary, in the snowy area.
    • #8: Northwest of The Joneses, southeast of Sanctuary.
    • #9: Southeast of The Joneses, near Tow-Away Beach.
  • Other Locations
    • #10: Along the road on the northwest edge of the map, directly north of Camp Cuddle.
    • #11: Along the road directly north of The Daily Bugle, near Unremarkable House.

When you have collected at least nine of the gem fragments listed above, you have completed the quest! You’re ready to move on to one of Shanta’s other gem collection tasks.

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