When Chapter 3 was released, it brought an entire questline from Shanta with it. So far, all of these quests seem to be centered on collecting gem fragments at different locations on the map. One of the first sets assigned is to collect gem fragments from outside Seven Vaults.

There are seven of the Seven (a name, not a number) Vaults, so there are seven gem fragments you need to collect. These gem fragments are located directly outside the vault’s entryways, each of which is underground.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Each marker in the map above represents the approximate location of the Seven Vaults. For further detail, use the directions below.

  • Vault #1: Just barely northeast of the peak of the mountain in the northwest corner of the Island.
  • Vault #2: North of Camp Cuddle, on the western edge of the Island.
  • Vault #3: West-by-southwest of Greasy Grove, in the southwest corner of the Island.
  • Vault #4: West-by-southwest of Coney Crossroads, near the center of the Island.
  • Vault #5: Directly northeast of The Daily Bugle, in the northeastern corner of the map.
  • Vault #6: On the islet directly south of The Launchpad, the landmark island in Sanctuary.
  • Vault #7: Near the southeast corner of the map, east of Chonker’s Speedway and south of Condo Canyon.

Once you have approached the building with the Vault underneath, you need to find the staircase that leads down to the level with the Vault’s door. At the bottom of the stairs at each location will be a circular room. The gem fragments are in the center of these rooms.

Go to each Vault and collect the Gem Fragment, then move on to the next one! The Vaults are spread out pretty far from each other, so you may need to complete this over multiple matches. Once you’ve collected all seven fragments, you’ve completed the quest!

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