Shanta, one of Fortnite’s new Battle Pass characters, has plenty of quests for us to complete as we kick off Chapter 3 of Fortnite. She has 10 tasks, all of which require us to collect gem fragments that are spread out across the map.

Most of these tasks are fairly straightforward, but they require players to visit specific locations. The gems we’re locating in this guide are the gem fragments at various Landmarks across the map. While the in-game map helps locate the general area for each gem, it can be difficult to find the specific spots when you’ve reached the Landmarks.

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If you want to try to collect all 10 gem fragments you need in one match, we recommend following the path highlighted above. These are the easiest gems to access when you consider time and distance between them. While you don’t need a vehicle to collect these gems (unlike the gem fragments at crossroads), you will need to grab a vehicle as soon as possible if you want to get all the gem fragments before the storm closes in.

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  • Recommended Path
    • We suggest starting at Windbreakers. From there, you can take the zipline to Power Tower, then to Greasy Grove to collect a vehicle for the rest of the gem fragments.
    • #1 – Windbreakers: The large islet in the far southwest corner of the island.
    • #2 – Power Tower: On the second power line structure north of Windbreakers, directly south of Greasy Grove.
    • #3 – Broadcast Bunker: Northwest of Greasy Grove. At the building on the surface level of the Landmark.
    • #4 – Loot Landing: At the islet in the middle of Loot Lake, the large lake south of Logjam Lumberyard.
    • #5 – Sunflower’s Saplings: Along the souther wall of the building next to the road west of The Daily Bugle.
    • #6 – The Temple: Northwest of the The Daily Bugle, in the middle of The Temple’s northern side.
    • #7 – Looper Landing: At the campsite on the islet on the eastern edge of the map. Once you collect this gem, it’s a good idea to get a boat from a dock in the area.
    • #8 – Shrouded Settlement: Southwest of The Joneses, in the middle of the small settlement.
    • #9 – Colossal Cactus: North-by-northwest of Condo Canyon, at the top of one of the plateaus.
    • #10 – Tumbledown Temple: South of Sanctuary and west of The Joneses. In them middle of the Temple’s eastern side.
  • Other Locations
    • #11 – Lofty Lighthouse: On the south side of the Lighthouse northeast of Sleepy Sound.
    • #12 – Shell or Highwater: In the mountain area northwest of Sleepy Sound, in the northwest corner of the bush maze.

When you have collected at least 10 of the gem fragments listed above, you have completed the quest! You’re ready to move on to one of Shanta’s other gem collection tasks.

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