Shanta, one of Fortnite’s new Battle Pass characters, has plenty of quests for us to complete as we kick off Chapter 3 of Fortnite. She has 10 tasks, all of which require us to collect gem fragments spread out across the map.

Most of these tasks are fairly straightforward, but they require players to visit specific locations. The gems we’re locating in this guide are the gem fragments at docks on the map. While the in-game map helps locate the general area for each gem, it can be difficult to find the specific spots when you’ve reached each area.

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If you want to try to collect all seven gem fragments you need in one match, we recommend following the path highlighted above. These are the easiest gems to access when considering the time and distance between them.

While you don’t need a boat to collect these gems (unlike the gem fragments on rivers), you will want to grab one right away to travel between gems as quickly as possible. If you are also doing the quest to collect gem fragments on rivers, this would be a good task to pair with it!

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  • Recommended Path
    • Start at Logjam Lumberyard and get the gem and boat next to it. Head to Floatie’s Boats, get the gem and replace your boat. Take the river east out of Loot Lake and go north where it splits. Get the gem at Sleepy Sound, then go to Washout Warf. Grab the gem and take a new boat, then circle around the outside of the island to get to the docks on the islands east of Sanctuary.
    • #1 – Logjam Lumberyard: At the end of the dock on the south side of Logjam Lumberyard.
    • #2 – Floatie’s Boats: On the north side of Loot Lake.
    • #3 – Sleepy Sound: On the northeastern most dock in the middle of town.
    • #4 – Washout Warf: A bit to the west of the northern tip of the Island.
    • #5 – Cuddle Cruisers: Near the northeastern edge of the island, on the east side of the islet that looks like a drumstick.
    • #6 – Sunburned Shack: On the western side of the large islet furthest west of Sanctuary.
    • #7 – Launchpad: On the south side of the large, triangle-shaped islet west of Sanctuary.
  • Other Locations
    • #8 – Camp Cuddle: On the end of the dock in the middle of the lake next to Camp Cuddle.
    • #9 – Horse Shoe Hideout: At the small dock on the part of the river north of Condo Canyon.

You have completed the quest when you have collected at least seven of the gem fragments listed above! You’re ready to move on to one of Shanta’s other gem collection tasks.

Want more help with finding the gems? Be sure to check out our guides on where to collect gems at gas stations, and where to collect gems near characters!

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