The Golden Reins are a useful item in Dragon Quest XI, yet they don’t get much attention in the game. It’s not necessary for them to finish races or do anything, and the price is a huge 10,000 gold.

You can find the seller to the right of the booth where the player starts races. The Golden Reins seller is only accessible in the Switch version of the game.

The Golden Reins can be used to help the player sprint unlimited distance. So, this item saves a lot of time for players.

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Remember, if your goal is to get the accolades for completing the race faster than the champions challenge time, you cannot do this with the Golden Reins. The game will no longer record your best time.

Beating the champion’s challenge time is not required to beat the game, so if you’re not looking to 100% complete this game, we’d recommend purchasing the golden reins. As gold becomes easier to gain by Act 3, losing 10,000 gold will not be an issue.

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