If you’re in the market for some new clothes for your character in Youtubers Life 2, check out these venues!


Kiwi Clothing is the most basic clothing store in Newtube City. It offers a large portfolio of midrange-priced clothing with simple designs and cuts. This is a good place to grab a t-shirt or a seasonal item, like a sundress. The store can be found in the Downtown neighborhood, right beside the metro entrance.


Gianni’s is the premium fashion purchasing locale for Newtube City. Located in Uptown, very close to City Hall, Gianni’s sells expensive and chic clothing with two roped-off areas for VIPs only.

Upcycled Life

This is a clothing booth that can be found on the weekends in the City Hall town square. It is in the same area that Retro World is also found. You can usually choose between three items for sale, all at a reduced cost.

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Slater Surf

Slater Surf is a small sporty shop that offers some activewear. The clothing ranges between swimwear and windbreakers. With its active lifestyle being the focus, it’s no surprise that is located in the Port neighborhood, on the same road as the Kraken restaurant.

Treasure Truck

Treasure Truck is a random generation stall that offers many oddities. Sometimes that includes clothing like a mermaid shell swim stop. This stall can be found on the boardwalk in the Port neighborhood.

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