Sea of Thieves is known for hiding a boatload of secrets throughout its vast network of islands and watery playgrounds. One of these secrets, of course, is the Humble Gift, a type of Gift Item that you can procure in one of three ways. Although relatively common and often easy to find, its mysterious contents can be worth a pretty penny if sold to the correct tradesperson.

How to find Humble Gifts

  • Humble Gifts often appear within the Fortress Vault of any completed Skeleton Fort.
  • Humble Gifts are often rewarded for completing Mercenary Voyages, which can be picked up through Bilge Rats in any tavern.
  • Humble Gifts can be dug up when using an X Marks the Spot Map. Typically, these maps are dropped by Skeleton bosses.

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How to sell Humble Gifts

  • You can sell humble Gifts to The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout. Depending on the ship’s Emissary Grade, a certain amount of Doubloons will be paid out for each unit. Doubloons can then, of course, be used to purchase items from Bilge Rats in any in-game tavern.
  • You can also gift humble Gifts to other Crews for various Commendations.

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