Kahl’s Garrison is a resistance movement led by Kahl-175 who are fighting to free the Origin System from the grip of Narmer control. In Kahl’s mission to do so, he will need to free his Grineer brothers from the influence of Narmer by using the Veilbreaker. By aiding Kahl in his fight against evil, players can earn rewards, and purchase goods from Kahl’s recruit, Chipper. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can release five Grineer enemies from Narmer control in Kahl’s Prison Break mission in Warframe.

How to remove Veils using Veilbreaker in Kahl’s Prison Break

In order to complete missions in Kahl’s Prison Break, we need to head over to the Murex which emerges above Deimos. Aboard the Sentient warship, you play as Kahl-175 to complete various challenges, one of which is freeing brothers from Narmer control by using the Veilbreaker. To participate in Kahl’s Garrison missions, players must complete the Veilbreaker quest first.

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Veiled Grineer enemies can be found in numbers alongside Sentient enemy forces. When rescuing a Grineer brother, look for a room nearby with dead-ends. A Veiled Grineer enemy may occasionally spawn inside one of these rooms. Once you have found a target, simply use Kahl’s third ability, Veilbreaker, to stun the Veiled enemy. Once the enemy is stunned, walk up to them, and hit the button prompt that appears over them to start the Veilbreak procedure. This initiates a QTE where you will be prompted to mash a button until an indicated meter is full. Once the meter fills up, the Veil is removed, and the formerly Veiled Grineer becomes an ally who you can command to carry out objectives.

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To make sure you complete this challenge efficiently, be careful not to accidentally kill the Veiled enemies. To complete the challenge for Kahl’s Prison Break, you must free a total of five Veiled Grineer brothers. Completing the challenge will reward you with Stock, which can then be used to purchase wares from like weapons, Warframes, and Archon Mods, from Chipper Offerings in the Drifter’s Camp.

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