Windbreakers is a landmark in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 that recently had its snow melted on the Jan. 16 update, making it a greener area. There are six tall wind turbines with a small and large house nearby.

Screenshot of Fortnite.GG by Pro Game Guides

The location of this landmark can be seen on the map above. The wind farm is southwest of Greasy Grove, and you can zipline down if you land on one of the turbines, as falling will easily deplete your 100 health.

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Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

To find the chest and boxes, we will say the wind turbines face forward. The left-back turbine has a few boxes and some wood, while the back-middle turbine has a chest. Usually, the boxes don’t contain anything worthwhile, so go for the chest if you land here. The ziplines on the right will take you down safely.

We recommend this landing zone only if you don’t plan on fighting for a while, since it takes time to return to the island, and most players go more toward the towns and center. If you land here, make Greasy Grove your next destination, just to take advantage of all the loot that will be left behind.

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