If you’re looking for the Sunflower in Roblox Wacky Wizards, chances are you’re in the process of completing the Queen Bee quest. It’s the most difficult to find out of the five flowers in total, but to save you the trouble: the Sunflower is located on top of Oz the Wizard’s hut.

Oz the Wizard’s hut can be found within a small cave built into one of the mountains. More specifically, it is the cave with the green shrub in front of the cave entrance. This particular cave can always be found to the right of the large tree, aka the Queen Bee’s domain. So you don’t have to travel too far to find this cave, nor the Sunflower.

Starting from the large tree, fly right until you’ve found the cave with the green shrub. You can pass right through the shrub since it is a transparent obstacle. Continue flying through the cave until you’ve found a small home—this is Oz the Wizard’s hut. The Sunflower can be found sprouting the roof of the building.

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After interacting with the Sunflower, you can leave the cave and head back toward the Queen Bee’s domain. Alternatively, you can fly out from the top of the cave opening, just above Oz the Wizard’s hut. Either way, your goal should be returning to Queen Bee to confirm that you’ve found the Sunflower.

Finding all five of the flowers is the final step required toward getting the Honey ingredient, a free ingredient from which players can create lots of potions like the Rainbow-body and Honeymelt potions. If you’re having trouble finding the remaining four flowers, we’ve got all the locations available in our Honey ingredient guide.

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