Eventually, you will be tasked with finding an NPC called the Storyteller, who will play a vital role in the plot of Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. However, it’s not exactly clear where you can find this so-called Storyteller. 

In short, you can find the Storyteller in a location called the Black Library, but it is locked until you explore and reach the other side of the Market square. 

In the market square, you will need to pass a mobility check. After that, you should find yourself in a new area with an arguing inquisitor and priest. 

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When you reach this area of the market square, head to the nearest area exit and then try heading to the Black Library. If it doesn’t let you, you may need to explore the market square fully before you can leave. 

Once you can leave the market square, you can find the Storyteller after you speak to some fake crusaders inside the Black Library – you can also unlock the Trickster path in this location. 

Where is the Storyteller in Drezen?

To find the Storyteller later in the game around Drezen, you will need to speak to the dwarf Greybor and follow his questline until you reach Artisan’s Tower. At this location, you can find the Storyteller at a blue tent

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