The statue of the Seven is a tool in Genshin Impac that, when activated, shows you a view of the map of the area. These are important to find as they let you easily move your way around the map. Being able to have a good view of Enkanomiya is even more important as you can easily die.

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Enkanomiya is a strange place that isn’t as friendly as other areas. You can easily fall off a cliff and die, even when trying to make calculated movements. The best way to get around is by unlocking the map of the region, which is done a little bit differently than the other in-game areas you encountered.

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Enkanomiya doesn’t have a statue of the seven, instead, you need to follow the questline The Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent. This will eventually lead you into a library, and after talking to Enjou, you will be told to look at the map on the ruin wall.

Once you look at this map, the map for Enkanomiya will be unlocked. Keep in mind that this location can’t be teleported to, nor can it heal you after battles.

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