During the Star Wars: The Old Republic anniversary event, players who log in and visit the Anniversary Vendor will receive free gifts. There are also some items to buy, but they’re under 10 credits.

On the Republic or Imperial Fleet, you can find the “Anniversary Personnel” vendor under Strongholds & Crew Skills. They’re near the Stronghold kiosks, where you buy a Stronghold.

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The easiest way to find them is to load to the fleet (or load out and then in if you’re already there) and immediately open your map. Strongholds & Crew Skills are always immediately adjacent to the player on the map. Republic players will find them to the left of the player.

Go to the Kiosks from there. You’ll start lagging immediately when you’re close since everyone will be grabbing so much stuff. After you grab what you want, you should leave as soon as possible to avoid crashing. Each year, the vendor offers new anniversary rewards and past anniversary rewards.

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