Shipwrights and their shops serve an important function in Sea of Thieves. They are the bridge between a pirate and their ship. As such, knowing where the nearest one is will make your life much easier. And frankly, we need all the help we can get because this clearly isn’t a Sea of Friends.

How to find the Shipwright in Sea of Thieves

The Shipwright Shop is located at Outpost Docks. There are several to find throughout the Sea of Thieves, and you can view them all below:

  • Sherry – Sanctuary Outpost
  • Sharon – Golden Sands Outpost
  • Sue – Plunder Outpost
  • Shelley – Ancient Spire Outpost
  • Scarlett – Galleon’s Grave Outpost
  • Sandra – Dagger Tooth Outpost
  • Stevie – Morrow’s Peak Outpost
  • Sybil – The Glorious Sea Dog
  • Legendary Liz – Athena’s Fortune Hideout

Shipwrights were where pirates could customize their ships with cosmetics, both those already acquired and those available for purchase. With Season 7, shipwrights were overhauled and will now sell you ship decorations and trinkets.

They also offer supply crates full of the essentials. For those cosmetically inclined, they will offer repair services to bring your ship back to new. Finally, they now offer voyages available only to Captains. Essentially, if it has to do with a ship, the shipwright has you covered.

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