When you set sail on the western seas, you might have stumbled on the remains of a ship mid-voyage. Part of the debris found is a Voyage Log that states how its author has come across a shipwreck with no survivors. Allegedly, it holds treasure and is now protected by monsters. You’re given a clue, but where is it?

As stated on the Voyage Log, the shipwreck can be found in a location surrounded by cliffs. The place is actually not far from the tile where you found it. Just keep heading north.

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If you see a series of mountains, you’re close. Look for an opening between them and enter it. If you follow the gap, you’ll find the shipwreck.

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The game will try to scare you into leaving it alone, but the tressure is just protected by weak harpies. If you beat them, you get a Knight’s Armor, which can be worn by the protagonist. It adds defense in exchange for speed, so it’s recommended you use it with a sword as your weapon.

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