The Secret Military Base location in Project Zomboid is to the northwest of Rosewood. To find and get to the Military Base, you will need to take the highway that goes north of Rosewood, and about halfway, there will be a dirt road. 

Follow this dirt road, and you will eventually reach the Military Base. But before heading to the base, we highly recommend finding a vehicle that can move fast offroad and on dirt roads. 

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The reason is that any other car will go painfully slow and will require constant backing up and driving forward to move. Because of this, we recommend getting at least a pickup truck or any vehicle that can handle dirt roads.

If you need more help locating the Military base, we highly recommend checking out the Offical Online Project Zomboid map. The Online Project Zomboid map is a helpful tool that displays all locations, including the Secret Military Base location, as shown below.

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We also recommend using this life-saving tool to help map the best route to the base. Doing so will allow you to find the best road to take from anywhere on the map.

What is the Secret Military Base in Project Zomboid?

The Military Base is a high-end loot location that contains a lot of end-game gear such as military equipment M16s. Players will also encounter a large amount of infected inside and around the base, so heading to the base is a hazardous endeavor.

Because of this, it is important to be prepared and geared if players want to attempt clearing and looting the Secret Military Base location in Project Zomboid.

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