In GTA 5, players will have to explore the vast and intricate map to find numerous iconic locations. During various missions, players will come across several regions from the urbanized Los Santos to the barren Grand Senora Desert. The Quarry, also known as Davis Quartz is one of the areas players will have to visit from time to time to complete various missions, and it can be confusing to locate.

How to find the Quarry in GTA 5?

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The Quarry is located on the eastern edge of the map, players can follow the image above to locate this area in-game. The easiest reference to reach this spot is to travel directly east from Sandy Shores Airfield. Nearby, there is an area called Ron Alternates Wind Farm, and the Quarry is located just north of this spot. 

Players will have to visit the Quarry after taking a mission from Maude as Trevor Philips. The Bail Bond mission will require players to find Ralph Ostrowski, who is hiding out in the Quarry. You can eliminate Ralph, or capture him and take him back to Maude’s house to grab that bounty.

Where to find Ralph Ostrowski at the Quarry in GTA 5?

Players will get a chance to complete Bail Bond missions as Trevor, and for this, you will need to eliminate or capture certain targets. After acquiring the mission from Maude, head out to the Quarry to find Ralph Ostrowski. Players will find Ralph at the bottom of the Quarry. 

You can assassinate Ralph Ostrowski and get $5000 as a reward. Alternatively, you can capture him by crashing a car with his vehicle before taking him back to Maude. This will reward players with $10,000, and we recommend keeping Ralph alive to get a higher reward.

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