With Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker releasing, a brand new Tomestone currency has hit the game. Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism are currently the top tier of Tomestone currency in the game, usable to purchase level 90 items, gear, and weapons. But where is the new Tomestone vendor in Endwalker?

The new Tomestone Vendor is in Radz-At-Han, near the aetheryte. Look for Cihanti <Tomestone Exchange>, who is located at X: 10.8, Y: 10.4 on the map.

Cihanti trades Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism for Weapons, Armor, and Accessories for Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic. The item-level of this Moonward gear is 570, putting it comfortably over the threshold for the current Extreme Trials.

What are Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism?

In the future, more types of Tomestone will be introduced which will be usable for higher tiers of gear with higher item-levels. In a Final Fantasy XIV expansion, there are usually three Tomestone releases over a period of two years. Cihanti will likely be the vendor for all later released Tomestones. 

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If you’re still clinging on to older Tomestones, now is your time to get rid of them. Older Tomestones are removed for good once the second wave of new Tomestones is released.

To trade those old Tomestones check out Where to trade discontinued Tomestones in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker on Pro Game Guides.

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