Fighting monstrous titans is tough on the body, and the danger posed in Roblox Titanage is no exception. While survival is more than doable, it’s likely players will exit a titan battle with some broken bones. If you don’t heal these wounds at the Medic, then it will make the next battle a probable wipe.

To find the Medic, approach the elevator in the hub area that takes every player above ground to battle titans. But do not take the elevator. Instead look around the elevator’s perimeter for an NPC leaning against one of the pillars. This NPC is the Medic, and will heal all of your wounds for an in-game $150 fee.

The Medic will also allow the player to reroll their hair color and eye color, but each roll costs 30 Robux. We only feel this is worth the asking price if you plan on playing Roblox Titanage longterm. Otherwise, it’s probably best to save your Robux.

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At some point you might return from battle with the entire game screen blurred. This is normal and not a glitch. If your screen is blurred and it is difficult to see anything, that means a titan ripped your character’s eyes out. Players can confirm this if a red eye symbol appears next to their name on the leaderboards.

Healing is essential in Titanage to ensure the player returns to the battle ready to fight with all cylinders firing. If you don’t have the in-game cash to spend on the Medic’s healing, then we recommend checking out our How to heal in Roblox Titanage guide for alternatives. Players can also heal themselves with bandages using the Self Heal skill. You can also request healing from another player that possesses the Bandages skill.

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