With the new dungeon, the Grasp of Avarice, now available for 30th-anniversary pack holders, many are diving into this event in hopes of obtaining new loot and completing new challenges.

One important aspect of this dungeon is its use of the iconic loot cave from the original Destiny. Veteran players will know its location immediately, but if you never played Destiny 1 early in its years and are looking to play the new dungeon, you might be wondering where this loot cave is. Here is its exact location.


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The easiest way to find the loot cave is by loading it into the dungeon activity since it’s an integral part of the beginning. At the start, you will spawn in an area of the Cosmodrome known as Skywatch. You will be just within eyeshot of the cave from your spawn location. Travel a bit forwards and located just between the two large Hive pylons, the cave will be against a hill. 

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You should see quite a few enemies around it, including Hive acolytes, thralls, and wizards fighting a few Fallen. Engage in this fight, and the beginning of the dungeon activity will begin.

Important Note: You can access the loot cave from the free roam area of Skywatch, but this won’t start the activity, nor will you get any good loot. All that remains in the loot cave in free roam is a pile of dead Hive that, if activated, will play an audio message from long ago informing Guardians that “a million deaths is not enough for Master Rahool.” This, of course, is an ode to the Loot Cave glitch from Destiny 1.

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