If you’re looking for the Jellyfish special ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards, chances are you are helping out Glinda the Witch. In exchange for a few special ingredients, Glinda will reward you with the Witches Brew ingredient and later on for gems. The Jellyfish can always be found at the waterfall.

More specifically, the Jellyfish is at the top of the waterfall. You can’t swim up the waterfall, so the player must brew a flying potion to reach the jellyfish at the top of the waterfall. There are a handful of flying potions to choose from, and we recommend the Flybux potion since it is so easy to control the player in the air.

But if you don’t have the ingredients to make a Flybux potion, there are a couple more flying potion alternatives below.

79Flybux PotionRobux + BirdBecome a flying Robuc!
63Heatseeking Potion Dynamite + Bird + DynamiteDangerous flying
33Swim PotionBird + FishSwim in the air!
87Broom PotionFairy + Witches BrewFly on a broomstick!

The second best flying potion is the Broom potion. Similar to the Flybux potion, flying around on a broomstick is much easier to control as opposed to the other potions on the list above. The Flybux and Broom potions are also speedier, so you’ll navigate the world faster. But if you don’t have the Witches Brew yet, then the Broom potion is not an option.

With your potion chosen, drink it and fly to the waterfall. The Jellyfish is located at the very top of the waterfall. It can be hard to locate, but if you get close to enough to the water and hover your mouse cursor over the water, the Jellyfish’s name should appear on your cursor.

Glinda the Witch asks for special ingredients for two reasons:

  • The Witches Brew Quest: Completing this quest grants players the Witches Brew ingredient.
  • Daily Quests: Finding special ingredients for Glinda will earn you gems every day.

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