Rosie’s Gym has been added to Brookhaven and players can’t wait to pump some iron! For a brief walkthrough on where to find it, continue reading below!

Rosie’s Gym

From the spawn point near the fountain, spin your character until you see the mall. The mall is a two-story building with a digital scrolling sign above the main entrance. It’s located across the street from the grocery store and next to a gas station.

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A closer view of the mall can be found below.

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Before the addition of Rosie’s Gym, the mall was primarily used to watch movies and pick up a job at the movie theatre or food court. Rosie’s Gym can now be found on the upper floor of the building.

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Head up the stairs and take an immediate right—you should now see the entrance to Rosie’s Gym.

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Inside the gym you can test your arm strength with a few dumbbell curls, go for a run on the treadmill, or even lay down for some intense crunches! Whatever way you and your friends want to play—Rosie’s Gym is open for business!

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