Since Season 7 started, one of the most popular NPCs on the Fortnite map is Rick Sanchez, the famous hyper-intelligent scientist from the Rick & Morty cartoon series. In the Legendary Quests for Week 2 of the season, we are tasked with speaking with three of five NPCs on the map, with Rick being one of them. In the guide below, we explain where you can find him.

Rick Sanchez's location in Fortnite C2S7.

As seen in the image above, Rick can be found at Defiant Dish. This is the IO-guarded landmark satellite to the east of Weeping Woods and to the west of Lazy Lake. He is usually walking around the top floor of the largest building in the southwest corner of the complex.

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Rick does not interact with the IO Guards or help them. He acts as a neutral NPC unless you fire at at him.

Video Guide

If you’d like to use a video guide to find Rick Sanchez, use the video embedded below!

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