Philo Newcombe is back as an arcade elusive target in Hitman 3 until Jan. 6, 2022. He previously appeared in Hitman 3 as an elusive target from July 30 to Aug. 9, 2021.

The Heartbreaker mission begins directly outside the venue, regardless of starting location. You can find Newcombe in the cinema if you want to take your time, or in the reception area, if you’re fast. Either way, he will be walking slowly between the Reception area and the cinema.

Aside from showing two women the area, he’s really just attempting to seduce one of them named Michelle and hating the other named Phoebe. This is important because they will follow him the whole time if not scared away by the player.

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The easiest way to get his location is to go into Philo Newcombe’s wedding van (in the parking lot) and take the scrapbook. You should give the scrapbook to Pheobe, the blonde woman near Newcombe.

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Outside the Winery Viewpoint starting location, there are two very unaware guards. Since players can get pretty much anywhere in a guard uniform, we recommend they use this by taking it from either of the two guards.

When Pheobe sees the serial killer scrapbook, she and Michelle will leave, leaving Philo alone in the cinema to grieve. This is a guaranteed way to keep Newcombe in an area alone. The most common method is to poison the drink, but whatever the method, the closest exit is the grape field, which is about a 10-second jog away.

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