In Elden Ring, players will come across several NPCs who are required to complete numerous quests. Nepheli is one of these NPCs, and players can find her at three different locations in the game. She is Ofnir’s daughter, and players will come across this character early on in Limgrave.

The first place where players will find Nepheri is at Stormveil Castle. She is located in a room near the Secluded Cell Site Of Grace. This room can be found just before entering the boss fight to defeat Godrick the Grafted. If players interact with this NPC before fighting the boss, then she will assist you to defeat Godrick. 

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After defeating Godrick, players will find Nepheli at the Roundtable Hold. Interact with her to acquire the Arsenal Charm, which allows players to raise maximum equipment load. Exhaust her dialogue options and proceed to speak with Ofnir. Nepheli will leave Roundtable Hold once players have finished interacting with the NPC. 

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The third and final location where players will find Nepheli is at the Village of the Albinurics, located far west of Liurnia Lake Shore. Interact with her at this location to know more about the Albinurics and how their village was destroyed.

Nepheli is essential to complete Seluvis’s questline to unlock his shop options. Players will get a choice to give Seluvis’s potion to Nepheli or Ofnir. We recommend you hand her the potion to complete this quest.

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