Lost Ark has several songs that you can learn that do a variety of things to help you in-game. Some of these songs can transport you to other areas while others are used to bypass certain obstacles. One of these particular songs is called Soulful Requiem. Among other things, you can use this song to increase rapport with some NPCs in the Feiton area. But, where exactly can you find this song?

Where to find Soulful Requiem song in Lost Ark?

The first thing that players need to do is ensure that they have access to the continent of Feiton. This requires players to be at Tier 2 with an Item Level of at least 960. At that point, you will need to complete 60% of the Feiton Adventurer’s Tome in order to obtain Soulful Requiem.

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Once you’ve completed that amount of the Tome, you can claim the song by right-clicking on the icon. It will be then sent to your Inventory which you can open by pressing I on your keyboard. When you do, you can right-click the song in order to equip it to your character. Once obtained, you’ll be able to complete a variety of things in the Feiton area like finding hidden Mokoko seeds!

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