Collecting new pieces of sheet music is an important part of Lost Ark. Certain songs, such as Forest’s Minuet, play a critical role in some quests and also give you access to secret areas which often hold collectibles such as Mokoko Seeds. And while some songs are learned as you follow the main quest line, others are trickier to get your hands on. So where do you get Forest’s Minuet in Lost Ark?

How to get the Forest’s Minuet song

The first thing you’re going to need is the Song of Resonance. Thankfully this song is easy to get, as long as you have some pirate coins saved up. Head to the main deck of the ship of Peyto Island, where you can buy it from Treasure Hunter Igran for 16,800 pirate coins. To get Forest’s Minuet, you’ll now need to travel to Lullaby Island.

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Follow the quest chain on the island until you get to The Forest Where Faeries Sing. This starts three quests where you need to find the faery’s hiding spot (marked with red circles on the map) and get the dialogue options correct to move forward when speaking to it:

  1. The forest where faeries sing: whistle, wait, whistle again.
  2. I can hear you: put down the shiny pebble, remember me, it’s a gift, wait quietly.
  3. It’s OK, miss faery: just watch, listen with your back to her, I’m listening, I’ll look for one, sure, No worries I’m an adventurer.

Next, you need to collect three Voice of the Forest items. You’ll get one each time you complete the Lullaby Island cooperative quest Magick Melody, which is where Song of Resonance comes in. The quest begins on the east of the island at the spot marked Secret Entrance on the map. It happens every two hours at 20 past the hour on even hours (12,20, 2.20, etc.).

Once the secret entrance opens (which just takes anyone to play Song of Resonance), go through the secret entrance and over to the water. After a minute or so, coop quest Magick Melody will begin. Make sure you play Song of Resonance now, or you won’t get a reward. You’ll get a Voice of the Forest the first three times you do the quest – and if you’re lucky, you can also get the Lullaby Island Soul. Once you have three Voice of the Forest items, you can complete It’s Ok, Miss Faery, and be rewarded with the Forest’s Minuet sheet music.

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