In Dying Light 2, Players can find Volatiles during chases and inside Metro Stations and GRE Labs during the day. But for the most part, Volatiles tend to be rare and will only show up during specific points in the story. 

We recommend checking Metro Stations such as Metro Station Hayward Square. Inside Metro Station Haward Square, players can find many infected during the day, including Volatiles. 

Players can potentially farm Metro Station Haward Square for unique rarity loot items as well. If you want other locations to farm for Volatiles, we recommend checking the many GRE Labs scattered throughout the City. 

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These labs are called GRE Quarantine Facilities in the game and can be found via icons on the map, as shown below. 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

We also recommend checking these locations during the day, as the spawn chance for Volatiles will be higher. However, be careful as Volatiles are dangerous up close, so we recommend bringing along a friend or plenty of grenades and other explosives. 

A ranged weapon such as a Bow with Explosive arrows and a Repeating Crossbow can also be a life savior. That said, along with decent weapons, you will want to have medkits and a steady supply of boosters to survive while inside GRE Labs. 

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