There are seven Seven Outposts are scattered all over the island during Fortnite Chapter 3, which makes sense since they’re called The Seven. All of them are patrolled by friendly NPCs. For The Foundation challenges, you only need to land on one.

One of The Foundation’s challenges is to find one of the Seven Outposts. You need to visit Mighty Monument, Sanctuary, and an outpost of the Seven. Below are all seven outposts, but you should choose the one next to Sanctuary.

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We chose the Mighty Monument because it is in-between Sanctuary and the most eastern Seven Outpost. In this way, it is possible to complete all three challenges in a short period of time.

Our recommendation is to go to the middle location if you only need to find seven outposts for this challenge because the rest are on the edges of the map. Those in the middle won’t need to race against the storm after they’re done.

The middle location is Southwest of Coney Crossroads and northeast of Tilted Towers.

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