While Ubisoft hasn’t released too many details about Division: Heartland yet, that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t extremely curious about the new game in the Tom Clancy series. Setting can change the entire feel of a game, so it’s important for players to know what kind of game to expect.

Division: Heartland – Place and Time

Ubisoft announced The Division: Heartland for the first time in May 2021, but fans were not given much to work with in regards to in-game details. Over on Xfire, Tom Henderson claims to have reliable sources that say the game will take place in Silver Creek, an open-world style map with a run-down ice rink as your base of operations. While no definitive time period has been confirmed, signs point toward the game taking place in the present day.

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Division: Heartland – General Info

Division: Heartland is an upcoming game from Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment, both of which are the normal publishers and developers of Tom Clancy video games. The game will be free-to-play and have similar mechanics to games like Call of Duty: Warzone. It will not be additional content of an existing Division game, but rather a standalone title.

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