If Disney Dreamlight Valley’s expansive roster of characters with promises of more to come has you intrigued, we doubt you’re alone. Gameloft has posted on the game’s website that you will be able to download the game to multiple platforms as a free to play title once Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Early Access period is over. Waiting for the Early Access period to be over so you can play for free may be the right choice for you, but be warned. You may be waiting a while.

When will Disney Dreamlight Valley be free to play?

Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure. The end date for the Early Access period is still unclear. Gameloft has given it a loose time frame of 2023.

You can join the early access period now with the purchase of a Founder’s Pack. You can also download and play for free in the Early Access period if you are an Xbox Game Pass member. Keep in mind you may not be eligible for some early adopter rewards since the Early Access period has been open for over a week. You will be able to use cloud save files during Early Access, but you must pay for a Founder’s Pack for each individual platform, unless it is via Xbox Game Pass.

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