Weird West is Wolfeye Studio’s debut game led by Raphael Colantonio, the founder and former creative director of Arkane Studios. It is an immersive RPG where players must survive and uncover the world’s mysteries. Those looking forward to the game may be wondering when it will release.

Weird West will release on Jan. 11, 2022, for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Weird West has been in development for a while but now has an official release date and one that isn’t far off. So in less than a month, fans will be able to play the game.

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Come Jan. 11, players will be able to experience a dark and fantastical take on the Wild West, complete with lawmen, gunslingers, and mythical creatures. Each journey will be altered by the player’s actions and create a high-stakes adventure. The choices the player makes will change how the world reacts.

There are numerous characters in Weird West with intertwined destinies. Players will interact with them and participate in a simulated sandbox where everything in Weird West reacts to the player’s decisions.

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