The Use of Life is called a game book by its developer and publishers. It is a multi-ending JRPG game where the player’s decisions heavily influence the story and how the main character interacts with NPCs. Those interested in the game may be wondering The Use of Life will release.

The release date of The Use of Life is set for early access in Spring of 2022 on PC. A demo is currently available for The Use of Life, where players can get a taste of it before its launch. You can check out the trailer below!

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The Use of Life takes a choose your own adventure approach to its gameplay. The developers promise that “the game’s ending represents the natural conclusion of the way this life was lived, and there is no “good ending” or “bad ending,” which should be an interesting premise for a game.

This is combined with fluid QTE turn-based combat, character customization, various classes and skills, and more. Check out the demo now if all this sounds appealing to you!

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