Developed by BitNine Studio and published by WhisperGames, tERRORbane is one of the most anticipated JRPG of this year. Fans were thrilled to see the official trailer and wondered when they could start exploring the topsy-turvy world of this game.

tERRORbane will arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch on April 1, 2022. Ironically, the game presents a comical take on JRPGs, and fans are excited about the April Fools Day release. Players will embark on a journey in a crazy and outlandish world, where bugs are your best friends.

During this comedic adventure, players will come across countless quirky and unique characters. The entire world is full of homages to the history of video games. Players will get to explore the broken storylines and landscapes, and even challenge the Developer’s rule over the game. 

The objective in tERRORbane is to become the Bane of Errors, and players will be able to start the game by making different choices to reach all possible outcomes. In tERRORbane, players will rewrite the form of a generic RPG by taking control of the game. The Developer will be a constant voice commenting on everything the player does, guiding and bothering at the same time.

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