Hidden Deep is developer Cogwheel Software’s debut title and features a dark and atmospheric 2D experience. It combines action and horror to create a thrilling adventure where the player must uncover the secrets of a sub-oceanic mining facility. If this sounds interesting to you, you might be wondering what the release date is.

The release date for Hidden Deep is Jan. 24 where it will launch in early access. Hidden Deep will launch on PC with potential ports coming to consoles. Developer Cogwheel Software listed Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life as inspirations for their game.

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In Hidden Deep, players lead an expedition to discover what happened to the initial team after 681 days of zero communication. They will need to use weapons, tools, and wits to combat the alien lifeforms in the research facility and survive. As they dive further in the facility, they will need to use their team to maximum efficiency.

If you want to play Hidden Deep early, a closed beta is currently available. All you have to do is go to Hidden Deep’s Steam page and request access. If selected, you will be able to play the game early. Check out the trailer below!

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