Cosmonious High is the next title from Owlchemy Labs, the team behind the popular VR title Job Simulator. This new VR game looks to bring that same creativity and humor that was present in the developer’s previous games. If you’re looking forward to Cosmonious High, you’ll want to know the release date.

Cosmonious High will release on March 31, 2022, for Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR. This means you will be able to experience the alien high school and Owlchemy Labs’ memorable style soon enough.

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You will find yourself meeting a colorful cast of aliens as you attempt to determine and solve the source of the school’s malfunctions. The entire school is available for you to explore and interact with in various ways. There are numerous rooms, including the Grand Hall, Chemosophy, Visualetics, and more!

If you enjoyed Job Simulator, then chances are you will have a good time with Cosmonious High when it releases on March 31, 2022. But, while you wait, check out the trailer on Owlchemy Labs’ YouTube channel!

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