A video game based on the Evil Dead franchise will be developed by Saber Interactive using the Unreal Engine. The game will feature both Player versus Player (PVP) and Co-op gameplay.

The game is set for release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in Feb. 2022.

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The gameplay will consist of a team of up to four heroes who must kill Deadites and collect Book of the Dead pages to banish the Kandarian Demon. Players can play as either the heroes or the Deadites, with the latter team trying to stop the humans from achieving their goal. They can also become a demon themselves and possess other players.

Every studio that has created an entry in the series, Renaissance Pictures, Studio Canal, STARZ, and MGM, is involved in this project. Similar to the previous entries in the series, this game features plenty of gore, humor, horror, and action.

Originally, the game was scheduled for release in 2021, but the developers decided to include a single-player component, which delayed the game. It is good news for those who aren’t just interested in killing and want to learn more about the universe of the films.

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