The developers behind Project Zomboid plan on releasing several updates starting back in January 2022. Each new update will add tons of content that touches upon different things. Here is where you can find out when the next update is for Project Zomboid.

When is the next update for Project Zomboid?

The next update for Project Zomboid is Build 41.69, which is currently in the beta phase. Players can access Build 41.69 by opting into the Project Zomboid unstable branch on Steam. Currently, there is no set release date for when Build 41.69 will leave the unstable branch.

That said, Build 41.69 provides several fixes for Multiplayer and new items like the Scarecrow and Lab Skeleton and numerous quality of life improvements. Here are some notable improvements mentioned in the patch notes for Build 41.69:

  • Skill Book Renames
  • Better Item Placing
  • Moveable Minimap and various improvements

All Future Content Road Map for Project Zomboid 

After a few polishing updates, including Build 41.69, Project Zomboid will eventually receive seven more updates that will add a ton of features to the game. The following is everything that we know so far about each future update for Project Zomboid. However, before reading, it is important to note a lot of the information is subject to change.

Build 42Build 42 will bring many improvements to Project Zomboid’s crafting system. Some of these improvements will revolve around balancing and expanding tech trees. Build 42 will also introduce animals to the game. Farm animals are planned to provide players with a way to get meat and other materials such as milkwool, and eggs. Farm Animals can also be bred, graze and eat grass, and age realistically. In fact, according to the developers, it will take two years in-game for a calf to reach adult age. 
Build 43Build 43 will be the update that first introduces NPCs to the game. NPCs added with this build will be very early in release and will be missing a lot of the planned features involving them. Most likely, NPCs will be able to join groups with the player and perform basic tasks. We won’t see more advanced features involving NPCs until Build 45, 46, and 47.
Build 44Build 44 is called an intermediate updated by the developers, and it is not 100 percent what it will bring. Most likely, will see various non-NPC updates implemented like a Gun rework or various polishing and bug fix patches for the first introduction of NPCs. We may see the introduction of lockpicking during this update or a rework done to fishing.
Build 45 & BeyondBuild 45 & Beyond Beyond Build 44, we will start seeing more advanced NPCs introductions starting with Build 45. Build 46 and Build 47 will add the rest of the NPC features, with updates in between and after adding various other content and polish. Some examples of advanced features include a Rimworld job system and NPC Factions.

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