If you are wondering when the next Minecraft championship will take place, the date is set for this upcoming Saturday on August 28th at 8 pm BST.

On this date, the next Minecraft Championship 16 Season 2 will begin and will be available for viewing across 40 different streams on Twitch. 

The event will also have participants playing across several mini-games that will test player’s skills at parkour, survival, combat, teamwork, and more.

After a total of eight games, the next Minecraft championship will have the teams with the most coins go 1v1 in a final match-up round.

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 All MCC Start and End Dates

Here you will find out when you can watch the next Minecraft Championships and both their start and end dates.

MCC SeasonStart DateEnd Date
MCC 16 Season 2August 28th, 8 pm BSTTBD
MCC 17 Season 2TBDTBD

How to watch the next Minecraft Championship

If you want to watch the next Minecraft championship, you can do so over at the official Noxcrew twitch channel or view one of the many participant twitch channels over at https://mcc.live.

All MCC Competitors

A total of 10 teams will compete against each other throughout the championship. Each team will also be made up of several Minecraft influencers from both Twitch and Youtube. 

Some notable influencers include both Tommyinit and Dream, CaptainSparklez, and BadBoyHalo. Here’s the full list of teams and the influencers in them.

MCC TeamsParticipants
Red RabbitsPh1LzA  Ranboo TommyInnit, WilburSoot 
Cyan CreepersTBNRfrags  Spifey  PeteZahHutt  PearlescentMoon
Orange OcelotsCaptainPuffy Punz ShubbleYT TapL 
Aqua Axolotls5uppps  Antfrost ItsFundy Tubbo_ 
Blue BatsDrGluon  Flabaliki  KryticZeuz  Vixella
Yellow YaksCaptainSparklez  GeorgeNotFound HBomb94  Ponk 
Lime LlamasJackManifoldTV  Krtzy  Nihachu  Quig 
Purple PandasGrian Smajor1995 SmallishBeans  fruitberries 
Green GuardiansMagistrex  OrionSound Sapnap  sylvee 
Pink ParrotsBadBoyHalo  Dream  F1NN5TER  Seapeekay 

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