While there have been a few smaller patches since the release of Apex Legends Season 11: Escape, players are eager to know when the next major update to the game will arrive.

While Apex Legends Season 12 does not currently have an official release date, all signs point to Feb. 8, 2022. Of course, delays may occur due to a variety of reasons, but with Season 11’s end date set in stone, this is the best best for now.

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What Can Players Expect in Season 12?

Apex Legends Mad Maggie and Fuse
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Rumors are running wild that Mad Maggie, a character first featured in Season 8, will finally arrive as a playable character in Apex Legends. There are hints in the game files, including a new “empty light anim” AnimationSet, something usually only reserved for new Legends.

Reactive skins may also be on the way to the game, added in as a new “Red” rarity.

Other additions to Apex Legends that players are hoping to see are the addition of cross-progressions between platforms, more LTMs, and next-gen console support. Josh Medina, a Producer at Respawn Entertainment, has confirmed that both cross-progression and next-gen console support are already in progress at the studio.

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