There are tons of events to keep you invested in Genshin Impact, even when you’ve already explored everything. One of the biggest events that happen in the game is the Lantern Rite Festival. This event is known for being generous and generally gives out a high amount of primogems each year.

The 2022 Lantern Rite Festival will start on Jan 25 and run until Feb 12. During this time, a large number of smaller events will take place, which all happen in Liyue Harbor or around the Liyue region. These consist of everything from treasure chest hunts to mini-games like Windtrace.

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Here are the rewards that you can expect to earn during the event:

  • Primogems
  • A four-star Liyue character of your choice.
  • An exclusive outfit for Ningguang.
  • Experince books.
  • Intertwined Fates.
  • Mora.

Many of the rewards can be earned through simply logging in each day or by doing short quests associated with the festival. Keep in mind that all of the rewards won’t be unlocked at the beginning of the event and will be timed to unlock at future dates.

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